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Alex Lopez
ACE Home Inspections, LLC

591 Burnham Ave
Calumet City, IL 60409
Call: 708-730-0335
or: 312-399-8383

Licensed Home Inspector
Certified Mold Inspector
ASHI ® Candidate

Alex Lopez:
As a licensed certified Inspector, Alex brings with him twelve years experience as the owner and manager of his own businesses. Alex has completed the comprehensive and technical home inspection training required to become an ACE Home Inspections, LLC Certified Home Inspector. This training along with hands-on experience in the rehabilitation and management of residential properties and his experience as a Certified Mold Inspector amply qualify him to join the professionals at ACE Home Inspections, LLC. Alex has always strived for excellence in his family life and professional career and brings the same drive to the role of home inspector. He is looking forward to serving his clients and giving them the benefit of his experience and commitment.

Alex Lopez

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ACE Home Inspections, LLC

A Professional Home Inspection Service

... serving you in Chicago and Surrounding Counties

What We Can Do For You

Ace Home Inspections, LLC will provide you with an unbiased, accurate report on all components of the home you are thinking of buying or selling. We can present you with a detailed narrative comprehensive report that is easy to understand as soon as the inspection is complete. And better still, we can E-mail your report in a PDF format that you can print as many copies as you need. And for home sellers, we offer as a sales tool a report in an HTML format which *your listing agent can post with your MLS home listing. *( check with your listing agent about availability )

An ACE Home inspection can give you the confidence to make an informed decision to finalize your purchase. And, you will know what you can expect immediately and for years to come regarding general maintenance upkeep of your new home.

Accuracy, Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism

Ace Home Inspections, LLC has a successful professional track record. Our inspections meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI®) .

The purchase of a new home can be an emotional roller coster, it is generally one of the most expensive investment you will make in your lifetime which can lead to stress and anxity.

At ACE Home Inspections, we are dedicated to helping you make that decision by reliveing the stress and anxity by giving you confidence about the condition of your new home.

ACE Inspectors

ACE Home Inspections, LLC inspectors are highly trained and they meet or exceed ASHI® standards.

The ACE Home Inspection Report

Our comprehensive narrative inspection report is rated the best in the business. It records the findings of our extensive visual inspection inside and outside the home and reports on the "good" and the "bad" findings so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Our ACE Home Professional Inspection Highlights:
The Building Structure the HVAC System
Roof and Attic Windows, Doors
The Electrical System Moisture Intrusion Detection
The Plumbing System Gas Leak Detection

Also Available at ACE Home Inspection:
Sellers pre-inspections with On-Line Posting Carbon monoxide testing
New home pre-occupancy inspections Mold Testing by Certified Mold Inspectors

A Word For Home Sellers

When we do a pre-sale home inspection for you, along with the report, you have the opportunity to have your listing agent post your inspection report on the internet along with your MLS home listing. This is a valuable selling tool, by posting the actual condition of your home you streamline the selling process. Any imperfections you don't want to attend to will be listed so the buyers inspector won't find any surprise defects that can cause renegotiations slowing the process and reducing your asking price